OCT  1  Speaker: Becky Meharry (406-209-9007)                                                            Worship Leader:  Terry White                                            Chorister:Rod Hathaway                                    Organist: Vonda Gohl               Pianist: Carolyn Drury/Ron Wearner                       Offering: Church Budget                                                                                                                                       

OCT 8  Speaker: Communion Service with Pastor                                                            Worship Leader: Franna Hathaway Chorister/Guitar/Keyboard:  Greg & Kathy Garvin                                                                                                  Offering: Walla Walla University                                                                                                

OCT 15  Speaker: Stephen Appleby (503-298-3036)                                                            Worship Leader:  Terry White             Chorister: Rod Hathaway                                   Organist: Vonda Gohl               Pianist: Carolyn Drury/Ron Wearner              Offering:  Church Budget

OCT 22  CAA Music Group (Randy Wiedemann 540-742-8098)                                             Worship Leader: Terry White                 Chorister: Rod Hathaway                                   Organist:                                  Pianist: Gloria Opp/Ron Wearner             Offering: Oregon Conference Youth Support                                                            Mission DVD

OCT 29  Speaker: Ric Peinado (503-438-0873)                                                              Worship Leader:               Chorister:  Rod Hathaway               Organist: Vonda                                     Pianist: Carolyn Drury/Ron Wearner                            Offering:  Church Budget                                                                                                          


NOV 5   Speaker: David Schmidt (503-784-7494)                                                            Worship Leader: Earle Knowles                                            Chorister: Rod Hathaway                       Organist: Vonda                                    Pianist: Carolyn Drury/Ron Wearner                              Offering: Church Budget                          

NOV 12 Speaker: Pastor with James Loyer sharing his Testimony                                 Worship Leader: Heidi Ross                     Chorister/Guitar/Keyboard: Greg/Kathy Garvin                                                                                                          Offering: Annual Sacrifice Offering                                                           

NOV 19  Speaker: Ben Wolfswinkel (360-450-7130)                                                            Worship Leader: Earle Knowles                  Chorister: Rod Hathaway                       Organist: Vonda                                    Pianist: Carolyn/Ron             

          Offering:  Church Budget                                              

NOV 26  Speaker: Pastor                                       Worship Leader: Franna Hathaway         Chorister: Rod                                                        Pianist: Gloria Opp /Ron                 Offering: Oregon Conf Youth Support               Mission DVD


DEC 3  Speaker: Paul Dragulin  (971-533-4447)                                                              Worship Leader: Earle Knowles            Chorister: Rod Hathaway                     Organist: Vonda                         Pianist:Carolyn Drury/Ron Wearner                       Offering: Church budget 

DEC 10  Speaker: Pastor                                                      Worship Leader: Rick White        Chorister/Guitar/Keyboard: Greg/Kathy Garvin                                              Offering: Adventist Community Services                                                                  

DEC 17  Speaker: Mike/Alyssa Morauske (360-448-3342)                                                            Worship Leader:  Terry White

Chorister: Rod Hathaway          Organist: Vonda    Pianist: Carolyn//Ron           Offering:  Church Budget                            

DEC 24  9:30 a.m. Breakfast//11:00 a.m. Christmas Program with Spanish Church              Worship Leader:Franna Hathaway           Chorister: Rod                                       Organist:                                              Pianist: Connie /Ron                            Offering: OR Conf Youth Support                                                       Mission DVD

DEC 31   Speaker: Jonathan Russell                       Worship Leader:  Heidi Ross               Chorister: Rod                                                Organist: Vonda                                       Pianist: Carolyn/Ron               Offering: Alaska Conference                                                                    



Saturday Morning Bible Class at 10:00 a.m.